Whether garden, terrace or the small balcony. With our individual garden furniture, fabrics and accessories, your outdoor area also becomes a special wellness oasis.

It’s obvious that a roof terrace requires a different design than a balcony. The location of the roof terrace high above the city has a lot of space and offers with amazing views. So we strive to make your terrace a well-designed retreat. On the other hand, a small balcony needs a clear structure and perfectly staged eye-catchers to make the most of the space available. That way, you get an escape from the stressful city live.

The boundaries between inside and outside disappear and your “outdoor lounge” becomes the second living room. Furniture is increasingly seen as in the open-air space, e.g. the diversity of the Fermob brand. Even textiles such as cosy cushions and extravagant carpets are used on balconies and terraces and bring the homeliness of the sofa outside.

The only difference is that the material should be waterproof. Because a sudden rain shower or even morning dew would ruin conventional home textiles. The good thing is that we offer you a wide variety of textiles made of weatherproof and light-fast material for your personal outdoor look. That way you can bring the real living room flair outside.