At Steinwender, you get trends for your walls and new looks for each room. A stunning selection of fabrics that will flatter you and your rooms and make you want more. In addition, you will find the most beautiful wallpaper patterns from floral to graphic, as well as from discreet to crisp.

White and grey with refined stripe pattern and geometric shapes in Art Deco style are ideal for those who prefer a purist style. The tropical forest, with bold colours, is a little more extravagant. And for those who need the glamour, the wallpaper with metallic design or glittering crystals becomes the perfect wall decoration.

Southeastern flair is available in the form of ethno prints, motifs from the forest and steppe, available in all shades that the desert has to offer. As a highlight, you can add light and airy curtains made of natural linen fabric. We set accents with epochal decorative cushions with noble keders. Who needs to book a flight to feel like they’re a street café in Morocco any longer?

Maybe there is also an heirloom, or a special piece of furniture on which your heart. Then it would be a shame to exchange it for something new. It is worth giving this “treasure” a new “dress” to give it a new and more contemporary look.

We think that your own personality should shine on and in your four walls.